Testimonials Happy Resident with Adult Daughter

Testimonials from Our Residents & Their Families

You must join me at The Crossings on The Peninsula. It is more like a home and I enjoy the people.

I have been at The Crossings on The Peninsula for almost a year. I am impressed on how clean the building is. I enjoy the people. I have made a lot of friends. I have some old friend who I have known for years and I have made some new friends. There are people who have lived in this area my whole entire life and never known. Therapy is great. I have gotten stronger since I moved in. Everyone pushes and encourage me. I am happy that I moved in.

The most important person in my life growing up was my Grandfather Jack. He was always strong, loving and was in fact my rescuer. I was a terrified little girl in the 70’s without a home or the security needed to have a successful upbringing. The moment he learned this he jumped on a plane and scooped me up and along with my Grandmother raised me in a warm loving environment. Needless to say he was a larger than life hero to me. So when he began slowing down, getting weak and forgetful, it was so hard to watch and accept. I tried for many months to step in as he had in my past and be there for him. I was cooking all of his meals, cleaning his house and doing everything I could to make sure he was taken care of and could stay in his home. Slowly the need became 24 hours and with a full time job, I was having to work almost around the clock to keep him safe and I became exhausted and unable to keep up with the demand. At this point I knew I had to find an assisted living facility to help me take care of Jack. It was important I find just the right place to meet all of his needs as well as a place where he would be loved. I am so glad that my family found The Crossings on the Peninsula. From the moment I stepped in the building to interview the staff and take a tour, I knew I had found his forever home. The staff is warm and loving and care deeply for all of the elderly in the facility. They go the extra mile to make sure that each resident is comfortable, cared for and living as full a life as possible. Jack is happier since he started living at The Crossings. The love and care that he receives has made all the difference to his well-being and has made his life more joyous. The facility, and the staff are exceptional and they should be commended for all they have done and continue to do to make the lives of all residents at The Crossings better and more fulfilled.

Four years ago we researched and visited a number of communities and from our perspective it quickly became clear that The Crossings at Bon Air was best for us! One of the first things that impressed us was the attitude, sincerity and friendliness of the staff. Four years later the family feeling still remains.

I’ve been here less than a year but I love it. Everything they promised before we moved in has come true. I love my room here and I can enjoy doing what I like to do… I can pursue my hobbies. I certainly like the people that work here. I am 100% content and I mean that with sincerity. I don’t have any reservations about it.

It is so important to me to share how happy my dad is now that he is at The Crossings. My dad has some dementia, and I realize he requires special needs and care. The staff there have provided that for us. Also, when I first talked to The Crossings, I told them dad was quiet and did not want to participate in activities. However, since becoming a resident at The Crossings, dad has renewed social skills, and is now one of the Ambassadors for The Crossings. His physician was previously concerned that he had lost weight; however, since moving into The Crossings dad has gained weight and his physician is very encouraged over this.

For anyone looking for the place that is “good enough” for those you love, The Crossings is that place. Moving Dad to an Independent/Assisted Living facility was an extremely difficult decision for my family. The Crossings facility has been the answer to my prayers. The staff welcomed us with open arms. Dad felt as though he was at home when he arrived. The Crossings staff helped me with the move, including the smallest of details, such as locking down the elevators and removing boxes. The Community was there every step of the journey to ease my worries and her support didn’t end when the move-in was complete. Andrea continues to reach out to Dad to make sure he is “OK” and checks in with me to make sure I am as well. She is the face of The Crossings. Her genuine personal approach is how we were able to get through a difficult time. Knowing my Dad is comfortable and feels at home at The Crossings means everything to our family.

I drove passed the building as it was being built. My daughter and I lived together, and the home was becoming too small for the both of us. The two major points for me choosing The Crossings at Harbour View, were the fact that I could afford the move, as well as being close enough to be able to see my daughter on a regular basis.

I have been living here at The Crossings at Ironbridge for 8 years and this is the best senior living community I’ve ever seen. What impresses me most is the care and competence of the staff and I commend the management. The community is superb and the menu is fantastic and delicious. The community is clean and inviting, which truly makes it feel like home.

My reason for moving here was that I was lonely. And I knew I needed a change. When I came here I fell in love with the place, as it brought back a lot of memories from the past. The staff was great and didn’t treat me like just another “tenant,” and that’s the case even now. I wake up every morning feeling great because I know I have so many friends and so much to do! The only time I’m in my apartment is in the morning and the evening. I feel like I’m on a cruise ship! My children are also pleased knowing I’m here and happy as well.